hannibaladies meme : [2/5] outfits ► Alana Bloom in Naka-Choko (x)

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"In the novel, she’s a very masculine character, who has had years of steroid abuse and is a lesbian, and it was unclear to me in the novel whether she was either transgender or a lesbian as a result of those horrible abuses and that horrible childhood. And that’s not how transgenderism or homosexuality works. So I didn’t want to contribute to that misconception of what it is to be transgender or a gay woman."  [x]

Does Jack know you’re here? — No, but he shouldn’t be surprised.

nbc hannibal;  season 2 | objects

Will you forgive me?



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How many people have you killed?


Apparently, Dr. Lecter, this is how I go.

This post escalated quickly…